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About the Raze Game

Raze the game is a fast online paced shooter sponsored by Armor Games and produced by Juice-Tin. In Raze you take control of your customized killing machine, participating in a range of death matches covering all levels of difficulty. Whether you're a regular online first person shooter or not, its simplistic controls take only minutes to grasp, and once you've overcome that, your eager for more. Raze 2 game the sequel to the hit shooter will be out shortly as Juice Tin has posted some updates on his blog about the game.

When you begin the Raze game, a screen will appear giving you the options to create your own profile or not, here you will have access to give your warrior a name, range of catchphrases ranging from alien - human, and scroll through an assortment of appearances. Whether it's a ragged pair of blood stained trousers or a hi-tech helmet. This screen also gives you access to view your statistics:

  • Amount of kills and deaths, alongside your K/D ratio - how many kills you have in comparison with your deaths.
  • Matches won and lost alongside your W/L ratio.
  • Amount of suicides.
  • How many headshots.
  • Highest killstreak - amount of consecutive kills you've managed without dying.
  • Accuracy - percentage of bullets that have hit your opponent.

After you're introduced into the game, you'll appear at a main screen, with your name in the middle and a list of options on either side.

Campaign - Here you must advance through a vast amount of levels, working alongside your team, whilst equipped with a range of deadly weapons to aid you. The levels will become noticeably harder, and hovering over a mission on the main screen will show you information about that level, such as difficulty and team members. And after human mode is completed, there's alien mode! Alien mode picks up the difficulty from where human mode left off, so expect it to be considerably harder.

Quick Match - Here you may setup your own match in Raze, using many of the features you've experienced during campaign mode. You are given the ability to choose what game mode you want to play, i.e. elimination or team deathmatch. You may also choose the map, what weapons are available, the amount of opponents and allies, the difficulty, what score is needed to win and finally the damage modifier.

Profile - Here you'll view the screen you were first shown where you changed your warriors appearance, this time updated with you K/D and W/L ratios.

Options - You may turn on / off sound effects and music in the raze game, and toggle the performance and graphics of raze the game, depending on the capabilities of your computer.

Achievements - Here your abilities will be tested, try and complete one of these! Only experienced players will successfully past these.

How To Play/Tips - Brings up the controls screen, which will come almost naturally anyway, and clicking next will lead onto a page of writing guiding you with tips to aid you.

Weapon Info - Shows diagrams of all 10 guns and an in-depth explanation of how they work, also hints at the pros and cons of each one.

Now the options stuff is out of the way, you're all set to start killing! No matter what mode you select, you will always be prompted to try out the tutorial, which isn't required, but is a nice 'easer' into the pace and control of the game, and makes you more comfortable with the controls.

The Raze game consists of a short level and introduces you to any unsuspecting controls, such as the boosted jump; just a double tap space function. It also warns of any unforeseen problems to do with the environment such as obstacles in the way, and liquids that restrict your movement. Some of the visuals and shooting effects in the game are very impressive considering this is a flash game but can tend to slow computers down and make the game slower. In order to improve performance Juice Tin will be stripping down these effects in the Raze 2 game is create a much more smooth and enjoyable experience for fans.


To begin, click on one of the colored mission tabs, not grayed out with a padlock over it. You'll now notice that on the left hand side there is a column, telling you the difficulty, game mode, amount of opponents, and how many kills are required to win. Proceed to click on start, and the game will begin.

There are five types of matches that you will encounter:

  • Deathmatch - Every man for themselves, kill everyone you see.
  • Team Deathmatch - You're accompanied by other team mates, and must kill your opponents as many times to reach the score limit before they do.
  • Elimination - Self explanatory really, there's no respawning in this match.
  • Team Elimination - Whatever the team the remaining player(s) are on, win.
  • Juggernaught - One person has enhanced abilities and defense, everyone else works together to defeat the Juggernaught, but everyone wants to be the Juggernaught and there can only be one. Work as a team, only to destroy them.

The raze the game itself can be slightly frustrating, for several reasons. Firstly, in almost all other online action games, your screen only shuffles left / right if your player moves in that direction, however, in Raze, it moves according to where the mouse goes, which also controls whether your character is looking left or right. So as your turning around, you'll also find your screen annoyingly bobbing up and down. Hopefully this is another factor the developer will bear in mind when making the sequel.

Secondly, you're accompanied by a rather lackluster team, which bog you down rather than assist you.

Finally, the first half of the game becomes too easy, and even the hard parts of the game's campaign mode can be easily accomplished, give or take a few deaths aided by a rocket launcher or two.

To combat the difficulty, there's always the option to really challenge yourself through quick-match mode, here you can really test yourself and make all your matches excitingly hard and this will leave you more satisfied. An example is completing a deathmatch, against a great deal more enemies, equipped only with your pistol. Oh Yeah!

Despite these minor set-backs, the raze game is an exciting online shooter that doesn't fail to impress and will leave you hooked for many levels before you realize how much time you've lost track of. As for the ranks of online shooters, it is amongst the best and delivers what all the others have to offer. However, there isn't anything overwhelmingly new and unique, which may leave some disappointed. Nevertheless Mochi Games thought it was worth there first prize award for best shooter game.

Raze has received some top marks on some of the biggest gaming portals online:

  • Newgrounds: 90%
  • Armor Games: 92%
  • Kongregate: 80%
  • Crazy Monkey Games: 90%
  • 92%
  • Max Games: 86%
  • Y8: 90%
  • Mousebreaker: 95%
  • Notdoppler: No Rating
  • Xgen: No Rating
  • Andkon: No Rating

If your waiting on the second of the raze games - Raze 2 and want to know when it will be released then visit Juice Tin's blog where he will keep you posted on it's development.

Beyond Raze 1 and 2, there are many other exciting shooting games online. The top shooting games that we would recommend after Raze are the Sift Head games which are a large series of sniping games. Here you play as 3 different sniping experts who take up contracts to kill villains and bad guys. Sift Heads are one of the most prolific series of flash and stickman games available for free online.